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Calgary Flooding Victims Tackling Hidden Asbestos

Three months after the flooding disaster in Calgary, homeowners are well under way with the restoration services. Along with the many volunteers that have made their way to the Western city, the Canadian Government has also offered funding to the victims for restoration efforts.

There are still lurking threats that everyone in the area should be aware of during the restoration process. The Alberta Health Services has issued an asbestos warning for homeowners whose homes were built before the mid 80’s. Within the debris, the fibrous materials of asbestos could be floating about or loose. This causes for much concern because exposure to asbestos can lead to many health problems including many forms of lung cancer.

This is not just an issue for homeowners to be aware of however, any volunteers or cleanup crews should always be wearing masks when tackling any debris. The best choice remains to seek out the services of professional asbestos removal companies since they know exactly how to tackle the removal procedure and restore safety to homes and surrounding areas.

If Asbestos is submerged in Water, Surely It Can’t Be Dangerous…

Wrong! This is a common thought that flood water will submerge any asbestos materials, further hindering them from getting into the air. While this is true, asbestos still remains a risk. The fibrous materials can find its way into and onto other items like clothing or furniture, which dries quickly after the flood water recedes. Once these items are dried, the asbestos will be able to detach and roam freely in the air and subsequently become very dangerous for anyone who comes in contact with it.

If you live in an older home, especially built before the 80’s, there is a great chance that your walls have been painted over many times, and you can never know what lurks between these layers of paint. It is important to seek out professional services from restoration companies who know exactly how to tackle each and every issue that you may encounter after a flooding like the disaster in Calgary.

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